Cozy Fort

Growth and Faith

Several Christmases ago, we had a small, ornamental Italian Pine tree. Upon season’s end, instead of discarding it, we planted it in a larger pot outside. Over the years, it became root-bound and stopped growing. Then it suddenly started to grow again – albeit with an odd tilt impersonating the Torre di Pisa. Upon moving the pot, we revealed the secret to its recent growth spurt: A root had found a route out of the drain hole and into the ground.

This got me to think about personal growth in this context. I had to find a way to learn something new while facing the day-to-day challenges of a demanding full-time job (that pays the bills) while raising a new family. I grew… but only little by little, like the root-bound tree.

A limited opportunity happened, and I ran with it, and got to grow a little faster. It felt good… for awhile. I was finally growing again! However, like the tree, this growth pitched me at an odd angle; an uncomfortable direction. I remained encumbered by the heavy walls of the pot. The freed taproot would soon find itself once again confined by its narrow escape path.

As you change, you might find that your own growth can no longer fit inside the walls you’ve become accustomed to. The next step is to have faith that the next place you find has encumbrances that are far from reach.